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Company Incorporation in Japan

We give you appropriate bilingual consultation and services about business start-ups in Japan both for individuals and foreign companies. Initial consultation is free for 45 minutes.

Register of Company Incorporation:

A company is incorporated upon the registration according to Japanese laws. So is a branch office.

Visa Application:

Unless you have appropriate status of residence allowed to do company management in Japan, you have to obtain the visa of Business Manager to stay in Japan for your business.

A company can be registered only with non-resident of Japan. But practically it's difficult to start a business in Japan that way, because normally bank account can not be created without Japanese resident. Normally you need a partner residing in Japan or Japanese residential status.

If you have a partner who is Japanese or Japanese resident, procedures can be easier or faster sometimes.

We can prepare all the documents required for both procedures and file applications as your attorney or agent, with Japanese professional lawyer lisenses of Shiho-shoshi (also known as Judicial Scrivener or Solicitor) and Gyoseishoshi (so called Immigration Lawyer).

Definitely it's convenient, and you can save your time and possibly money too, if you can do these procedures in parallel. Normally you have to talk to 2 lawyers to finish them because of Japanese lawyer system.


Q. How long does it take to incorporate a company and get visa?

A. If all the required documents are prepared, it takes 1-2 weeks to get company registration done, 1 month or more to get or change your visa after the company registration.