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List of Status of Residence

Depending on the each status of residence(Visa), respective activities are allowed.

You can see them below, the classes and typical cases.

name of status typical case or note
Diplomat diplomat, consul or their family
Official officer of embassy
Professor professor of university
Artist composer, painter, photographer
Religious Activities bishop, missionary
Journalist correspondent, news photographer
Based on the contract with foreign media.
Manager President, director, division head of company
Legal/Accounting Services Representative lawyer of an office.
"Specialist in humanities/international services" is applicable to those who work as employee.
Medical Services doctor, nurse
Instructor teacher of junior high school or high school
Engineer/ Specialist in Humanities /International Services mechanical engineer, marketing specialist, interpreter, designer, Japanese teacher in private company
Intra-company Transferee employee of japanese or foreign company
Nursing Care care worker
Entertainer actor, actress, dancer, professional sport player
Skilled Labor chef of foreign cuisine, instructor of sport, pilot
Technical Intern Trainee
Highly Skilled Professional  
Visa not allowed to work
Cultural Activities researcher of Japanese culture
Temporary Visitor tourist, conference participant
student student of university, high school, junior high school, primary school
Trainee do activities to acquire skills at a public or private organization
Dependent spouse or child of foreign national having Japanese status of residence
Designated Activities household employees, visitor with working holiday Visa, nurse based on EPA. etc.
This means the activities designated by Minister of Justice
Visa with which any activities are allowed
Permanent Resident
Spouse or Child of Japanese National Spouse or Child of Japanese National
specially adopted child of Japanese National
Spouse or Child of Permanent Resident
Long-Term Resident child or Japanese national, spouse of a child of Japanese national, one who divorced from Japanese national, one raising child of Japanese national, adopted child of Japanese
national who is less than 6 years old, spouse of long-term resident