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Business Manager

This status of residence is typically for representative director of a company.

Vice president or other manager can fall under this category depending on how much power or discretion they have to make decisions in their work.

requirement for Visa

1. and one of 2(1), 2(2) or 2(3) are required

1. Office facilities prepared in Japan; and

2(1) at least 5,000,000 yen for the stated capital;

2(2) having 2 full time employees of Japanese national or foreigner with stable visa status(*1); or

2(3) at least 2,500,000 yen for the stated capital, and having 1 full time employee of Japanese national or foreigner with stable visa status(*1)

(*1): Limited to Permanent Resident, Spouse or Child of Japanese National, Spouse or Child of Permanent Resident, and Long Term Resident

To be employed as business manager

1. 3 years' experience

2. receive no less remuneration than a Japanese national would receive for comparable work

normal flow for establishing a company and obtaining Business Manager Visa

1. rent an office

2. register a company

3. apply for Business Manager Visa

Much money has to be invested prior to obtaining Visa, for like stated capital, fee for specialist, and expenses for office.

So it's important to prepare well.