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Intra-company Transferee

This status of residence can be applied for those transferred to Japanese branch office in the same company, and related company, like controlling company or subsidiary.

detail of requirements

(i) The applicant must have been employed at the main office, branch office, or other office outside of Japan for at least 1 year immediately prior to his/her transfer to Japan, during which time he/she was engaged in duties which fall under the categories of "Engineer/ Specialist in Humanities/International Services".

(ii) The applicant must receive no less remuneration than would a Japanese national for comparable work.

(iii) transferred to a business office in Japan for a limited period of time from a business office established in a foreign country by a public or private organization which has a head office, branch office or other business office in Japan

Graduation from the university is not a requirement.

If an applicant has not worked for 1 year in the company and has graduated from university, status of Engineer/ Specialist in Humanities/International Services might be an option.