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Re-entry Permission

Basically if a foreign national leaves Japan, the current status of residence is extinguished, even if he/she is permanent resident, or the rest of period of time still remain for years.

Then he/she need to obtain Visa again to get back to Japan.

To avoid this inconvenience, this permission is to be obtained.

They can come back with this permission, and stay Japan as long as the current status remain.

There are 2 types.

Special Re-entry permission

On leaving Japan, make the procedure before an immigration inspector at the airport.

The expiration date of the permission is the date within 1 year or the rest of the expiration date of the status of residence, which is earlier.

This is recommendable to those who will come back soon.

Re-entry permission

The expiration date of the normal re-entry permission is determined within the rest of the expiration date of the current status of residence.

It's something like a stamp affixed to your passport.

It takes 3,000 yen for a single re-entry, 6,000 yen for the multiple re-entries.

An foreign national can leave Japan as many times as he/she wants with multiple permission.

Only those who have permanent resident can extend this expiration date by not exceeding 1 year.