Immigration services

We are certified immigration lawyer of Japan. We are handling a number of applications for our clients.

Advantage of using our services.

Easily explaining, you can save time and avoid difficulty.

1. You don’t have to go immigration bureau to do procedures

Basically Japanese immigration doesn’t accept online application or application by mailing.

For extension or status change, you have to go to immigration to on the termination of the procedures, at least twice. We go to immigration, and do procedures on behalf of you as an agent. Sometimes there are many people waiting in the line at immigration. Then you have to wait for long time there. In case additional documents are required, we can go and submit it also. This can be many times, if you do it by yourself.

We can help sponsor company accepting foreign employee.

2. Reduce risk of rejection

We are specialized in procedure of Japanese visa process and have experience about it. Appropriate documentation can be prepared before the application. We make an explaining document of the application other than necessary document. It helps immigration check documents easily, and save time.