Business Manager visa of Japan

Business Manager is one of Japanese visa status. It  is typically for CEO of companies.

Vice president, director, and other managers can fall under this category depending on the size of company and how much power or authority they have in the companies. But normally, only one person can get this status if it’s small to midsize company.

Requirement of Business Manager status

Basic requirement for this status is the followings:

  • Having independent office space in Japan
  • Certain size of business
  • Profitable and sustainable business

Independent office space

The sponsor company needs to have one room as its office. It the room be separate from residential room of director, shareholder or someone else, and office of other companies. Virtual office and shared office is not available for application for Business Manager status.

Residential property is available as office as well. But it can’t be used for residence purpose, and must be used as an office. Same requirement above applies to the residential properties. If the CEO or shareholder owns the property, there is no difficulty about paperwork. But if it’s leasehold, there is some requirement about provision of lease agreement.

Certain size of business

It is about the size of sponsor company. It needs to have:

  • at least 5,000,000 yen as paid in capital;
  • two (2) full time employees who are Japanese or foreigner holding visa statuses without limitation of work; or
  • at least 2,500,000 yen as paid in capital, and having 1 full time employee of Japanese national or foreigner holding visa statuse without limitation of work

If new company is founded only by one person, minimum paid in capital 5,000,000 is required. These above are minimum requirement. So it is recommendable to invest more, and as much as possible to make visa application easier. Generally speaking, it takes shorter period of  time if company has much more than minimum required capital.

Profitable and sustainable business

If it’s start-up company, it needs to prepare business plan and show it to immigration bureau to convince them that its business is profitable and sustainable.

If a company can’t make profit for 2 consecutive years, visa extension may be rejected.

How long does it take to get Business Manager visa?

It depends on procedure, and also on the situation of company.

If applicant lives in Japan, they apply for status change to get this status. It takes 2 weeks to 2 months normally.

If applicant doesn’t live in Japan, they apply for Certificate of Eligibility. It takes 2-7 months.

It is easier for sponsor companies already making profit, and it takes shorter for such companies, than companies newly established without any business performance.