Summary of new rule for Foreigners to enter into Japan (Changed on November 8, 2021)

For a long time, due to the spread of the coronavirus, Japan has not allowed any foreigners to enter Japan. But the rule has been a changed, and some foreigners’ entry is now allowed. Here is a brief summary of the changes.

Who can enter Japan

The following categories of foreigners are now allowed to enter Japan from November 8, 2021.

Short-term visa (business purpose only)
Foreigners eligible to get med to long-term visa after entry

Please note that even within the short-term visa category, entry on a tourist visa and a visa for visiting acquaintances and relatives is not yet permitted.

Procedures for entry into Japan

  • Appliction for a Screening Certificate
  • Application for a visa (at Japanese embassy or consulate general)
  • Obtain a certificate regarding coronavirus with negative result within 72 hours before entry
  • Entry into Japan
  • Quarantine process (10 or 14 days)

Please check with the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare (MHLW) as there are detailed rules for quarantine after entry into Japan. For example, you may need to install a virus tracking application. And foreigners who have entered into Japan may not be allowed to use public transportation or have meal with someone else.

Screening Certificate

A Screening Certificate is a new document required for visa applications under the new handling to strengthen board control.

The required documents are as follows:

  • Application form
  • Letter of commitment
  • Activity plan
  • List of persons who will enter Japan

The competent authorities are different depending on the type of business of the sponsoring or inviting company.

Our office can assist you in applying for the Screening Certificate. The fee for the procedure is approximately 55,000 yen to 88,000 yen, depending on the difficulty of the work.

Visa application

After obtaining the Screening Certificate, you can apply for a visa at the Japanese diplomatic mission abroad as before. You will need to attach the Screening Certificate to your other documents.