List of Japanese visa statuses

Now, there are 29 types of visa status in Japan. The government created new status “Specified Skilled Worker” by amendment of immigration law in 2019, to respond the increasing demand of labor power because of domestic populatio decline.

Work visa statuses

Visa status Typical case or note
Diplomat Diplomat, consul of foreign countries or their family
Official Officer of embassy of foreign countries
Professor Professor or researcher of university
Artist Composer, painter, photographer, teacher of dance
Journalist Correspondent, news photographer
Business Manager CEO of company, or division head of certain sized company
Legal/Accounting Services Licensed lawyer or CPA
Medical Services Medical doctor, nurse
Researcher Researcher hired by private company
Engineer/Specialist in Humanities/ International Services IT engineer, marketer, translator, designer, English teacher of private company
Intra-company Transferee Foreign company’s employee transferred to Japanese subsidiary or branch
Nursing Care Licensed care worker
Entertainer Actor, actress, dancer, singer, professional sport player
Skilled Labor Chef of foreign cuisine, instructor of sport, pilot
Specified Skilled Worker Workers who have completed 3 years course as Technical Intern Trainee, or have passed examination about certain industries, such as construction, agriculture, restaurant, and hotel business
Technical Intern Training Trainee of certain business industries

Statuses not for work

Visa status Typical case or note
Cultural Activities Researcher of Japanese culture
Temporary Visitor Tourist, conference participant
Student Students of university, high school, junior high school, primary school, vocational school, and language school
Trainee Trainees at private companies
Dependent Spouse or child of foreigner having work visa or student visa
Designated Activities Household employees, visitor with working holiday visa, nurse trainee based on EPA. etc.

Statuses without limitation of work

Visa status Typical case or note
Permanent Resident Basic requirement is having stayed in Japan for 10 years without bad behavior.
Spouse or Child of Japanese National Spouse or Child of  Japanese people, including adopted kids at age younger than 6 years old with approval of court of domestic relations
Spouse or Child of Permanent Resident Spouse or child of Permanent Resident status holder. If it’s child, if  he has been born in foreign country or has lived overseas, he can’t get this status.
Long Term Resident Refugee, grand child of Japanese, foreigner who got divorced from Japanese. There is specific rule about requirement about Long Term Resident. This status is granted in many cases.