Flow to open representative office

If foreign companies don’t do continuous business activities in Japan, representative office may be the best choice, because of easy and cheap way to open.

Flows for establishment:

1. Decide location of representative office

There is no requirement about location of office. If you want, you can use virtual office, shared office, or residential property for it.

2. Start its business operations

Registration of representative office is not required. It can start business activities when it’s ready. Business activities of representative office are limited to:

  1. Providing information to parent company
  2. Advertising and publicity
  3. Marketing research
  4. Basic research
  5. Purchasing and safe-keeping of assets for parent company

Procedures after the establishment

1. Creation of corporate bank account

Normally Japanese banks don’t open accounts for representative office of foreign company.

2. Apply for visa of employee

In general, the applications sponsored by representative office of foreign company are difficult. Technically employees can meet requirement of Intra-company Transferee easily though. It is recommendable to hire some Japanese to let them handle the business.